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Day Activities

We have lots of Activities that appeal to many ages.
Below is a list of some of our activities!


 New for 2015 is our cherry tomato field!  We decided to move our petting zoo for 2015 and used the old one for our cherry tomatoes.  They did wonderful with all the natural fertilizer.  Kids are welcome to pick from the plants and give them a taste.
 New for 2014 we have a corn pit.  Just like a sand box, but without the mess of sand!
60 Foot Slide (or for the adults it's known as the StairMaster) -   In 2012 we built a permanent structure for our slide.  There's a large set of stairs to climb but going down is so fun!  "Kids" of all ages will enjoy this.  Plan to stay awhile on this activity. 

Ana, my 2 year old, going down our slide in 2013!



Dad and kids going on the slide in 2013


    Rosie the Milking Cow - Can you milk a cow?  Never tried?  Well come out to the patch and see if you can.  Don't worry Rosie won't kick you.
Hayrack Rides - Come enjoy a leisure hayrack ride to our corn maze and pumpkin patch.  We even have a trailer with seats instead of straw bales.  I've heard many comment that this is the most comfortable hayrack ride they've ever been on.  It's also great if you are allergic to straw or just hate the itchy feeling.   The hayrack ride runs all day in 20-30 minute intervals.  You can ride as many times as you like.
Petting Zoo - We have many animals in our petting zoo.  You are welcome to watch the animals from the outside or even better come right in the pen.  You are welcome to pet them or even feed them.  Please do use caution some animals may get a little excited and nip your hand or eat your shoe string! 

Maze - Come enjoy walking through our maze.  Little ones love to run in and out.

Hay Bale Jump/Maze - We've set it up so kids of any age can play.  Little kids love to run around in the maze.  Big kids love to jump from bale to bale.

Train Rides
- New for 2014 we have our double barrel train.

Picture Areas - Don't forget your camera.  We have lots of picture areas set up for your family.